The Data Science Skool (DSK) is a gated learning resource portal for students, data science professionals, data scientists, engineers and analysts, who are registered in training or certification programs of DSK client organizations. The learning material and courses carried on this portal are curated by data science experts to support, supplement and complement academic and practical learning for students and professionals. DSK offers access to this portal to individuals as well as data science training companies and academic institutions offering standalone data science programs or preparatory training for leading global data science certification programs for data scientists, big data analysts and big data engineering.

Though DSK constantly strives to ensure that this portal follows respected and popular standards like those of Data Science Council of America, the material shared here is only meant for learning and not for preparation of academic or certification exams of any institution or certification body. The DSK portal is access controlled, and you need authorization to log in using your id and password. In case you do not have the login yet, please request a registration with the organization that recommended you DSK for data science learning.

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